First Grading Period data

So here in Texas my first grading period is over (six weeks long). I took a little time to put some data together just to see what came up. Here is a heat map (of sorts) of the average grades of the people that sit in particular seats in my room.

heat map

You’ll notice that there are only 12 desks. This is correct. I’m sorry to those of you that have way more students than this. I have 30 total students this year. I feel your pain, though. Where I taught last year my smallest class was 25 students and I had a single class of 30. There are trade-offs, believe me. The way I came up with this is by looking at everyone’s average for the first six weeks and placing it over their chair. I then took the average of all of those averages and based my heat map off of those numbers. So some seats only have two students sit in them all day while others have five students sit there. Other knowledge that might be beneficial is that I let the students pick where they wanted to sit for the most part, and students have sat in the same place for those six weeks.

I use both whiteboards but primarily the one behind the teacher desk from the students. That whiteboard is also where my projector is projected. My one student that failed the six weeks slightly skews the data for the lowest average here, the greenest seat in the middle row on the left side.


About bradleyhardin

I'm a science teacher out in west Texas. I'm trying to find out how to make kids interested in their own learning.

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